Legal information and documentation

To get to know us better

Our clients entrust us with financial assets which require specific attention. In all transparency and for information purposes, we provide them with a series of documents to help them better know and understand our Bank and our services as well as the related regulations.

General terms and conditions of the Bank

Discover the standards applicable to your relations with CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe). These define the respective rights and obligations of the Bank and the Client.

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Annual report

Discover our corporate project and key figures in our latest annual report describing our business and actions in 2019.

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Tariffs and conditions

Discover all of our commissions, fees and the price simulations associated with our various services.

> Fee schedule
> Payment Directive - Information Document
> Payment Directive - Glossary

Bank card lost or stolen

To contact our bank card suppliers in the event of loss or theft:

Visa: (+1) 410 581 3836
MasterCard: (+1) 636 722 7111
Capitol Visa/MasterCard: (+352) 26 15 74 (Advanzia Bank S.A.)
American Express: (+44) 1 273 576 136